Himalayan Tiger Foundation

Corneillelaan 22
3533 CW Utrecht
The Netherlands
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The Himalayan Tiger Foundation was founded in September 2013. The foundation has charitable (ANBI) status and the Dutch tax authority therefore treats us as a so-called ‘Public Good Serving Organisation’ (‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’). For more information about the associated tax deduction facilities that our donors are entitled to, see Fundraising.

The current members of our board are: C.F. de Stoppelaar MSc, chairman; A.J.P. Raat PhD, secretary; E. van der Poel MSc, Treasurer; K.E.J. Dijk LLM, member. Board members do not receive remuneration, but expenses incurred during the exercise of their function are refunded.

The RSIN number of the Foundation (issued by the Chamber of Commerce) is 853150175.
The Foundation’s statutory location is Utrecht.

The Statutes are available here  (Dutch)
The Statutes are available here  (English)
The Five year Strategic plan is available here  (Dutch)
For an overview of our Activities, go here  (English)
The Budget can be accessed here
The Annual report for 2013 – 2014, go here  (English)
The Annual report for 2015, go here  (English)
The Annual report for 2016, go here  (English)

The bank account of the Himalayan Tiger Foundation:
IBAN: NL17 ABNA 043 67 27 137