Protecting tigers is costly. The 2xT Research & Action Support Programs for the remaining period 2017-2022 requires almost € 800.000. The budget presented below gives a break down over this period.

We expect to receive an estimated € 450.000 in the form of commitments, donations and other contributions. The Himalayan Tiger Foundation thus requires till 2022 about € 350.000. To cover these costs the Foundation wants to issue 140 Tiger Certificates, valued at € 2.500 each.

AnbiBecause the Himalayan Tiger Foundation is a Public Charity (ANBI in Dutch), your donation is tax deductable.

You can donate as a private person or as a company. The procedure for deducting tax differs for each option.

Private donations

Five consecutive years
To make private donations tax deductible, they need to be continued for a period of five consecutive years. In other words, if you want to donate a particular amount and deduct that from your tax bill, the donation needs to be donated 1/5 by 1/5 part over five years. If you wish to do so (i.e. donate during five consecutive years), please fill in this form (unfortunately only in Dutch at present).

Donate at once
Normally, fulfilling that condition would create administrative hassles for you and us both.
To avoid those hassles, Dutch tax law allows for the following procedure. You can pay your Tiger Certificates in one transfer. In that case you donate per Tiger Certificate € 500 and provide a loan of € 2.000.
Eurobiljetten (Small)The Foundation commits itself to repay the loan in four yearly instalments.
Our yearly repayment obligation is squared with your yearly donation obligation, and cancels each other out.
The repayments and yearly donations are administrative actions that the Foundation will take care of on your behalf. Fiscally, it works as follows. You donate the full amount in one time but deduct your donation from your taxable income over a period of five years, each year 1/5 of the total (€ 500). If you want to follow this ‘route’ (donate in one time), we request you to fill in this form (unfortunately only in Dutch at present).

Your company donates

If your company donates there is no fiscal threshold. You can transfer the donation in one amount. Our Public Charity status allows you to deduct the donation against 100% from your company tax. If your company donates, we request you to sign the Company donation.

Please address the signed statements to:
Himalayan Tiger Foundation
Frederikstraat 10
2517 EL The Hague
The Netherlands

Buy a Tiger Certificate!


If you want to buy a Tiger Certificate, go here for an example: click here for an example .

More information on the entitlements of the Tiger Certificate is available here: click here.



One good turn deserves another
Holders of a Tiger Certificate of the Himalayan Tiger Foundation are entitled to:

  • A Certificate issued in their name
  • (Exclusive) access to parts of the website and/or access to the weblog that reports on our activities
  • Participation in the yearly expert meeting where interim results, progress and the future of our research and MA programs are discussed
  • Participation at cost in field missions to Chitwan and/or Bardia National Parks (these will be guided by experts from e.g. Leiden or Amsterdam University or Naturalis)

Bank account
Not interested in a Tiger Certificate? We are grateful for any contribution!
The Himalayan Tiger Foundation bank account
IBAN: NL17 ABNA 043 67 27 137

Budget 2017-2022
For a PDF sheet of this budget, click on the image below or click here.